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AC Line Reactors
Acme Line Reactors prevent equipment failure and costly downtime. Our reactors protect your sensitive equipment from harmful line disturbances and add years to your equipment.

AC Refrigeration & Appliance Transformers
The transformers in this section are autotransformers
designed to change a wide range of voltages to the standard motor voltages for domestic appliances, air conditioners and related equipment.

Acme Transformer Accessories
Acme offers a wide array of accessories for your transformers such as lug kits, space parts, standard taps, thermal switch kits, wall mounting brackets and weather shields.

Buck-Boost Transformers
These transformers provide tremendous capabilities and flexibility in KVA sizes and input/output voltage combinations. Basically, you get 75 different transformers... all in one convenient package.

DC Power Supplies
Acme, with its new line of DR series, offers you an innovative solution for many of your control applications.  Acme DC power supplies provide you with optimal performance with the least impact on installation time and space.

Drive Isolation Transformers
The Acme Drive Isolation Transformers are specifically designed to accommodate the
special voltages and KVA sizes unique to AC
and DC motor drive applications.

Custom Transformers
When you need a custom transformer, Acme is a clear choice. Our reputation in high-quality, specialized transformers offers the finest product and the  best service in the industry.  

Acme Transformers







We at Acme Transformers are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and service. With our experienced staff and engineers, we are committed to providing you with the best .

For ovAcme Transformerser eighty-five years, Acme has been manufacturing transformers for industrial, commercial and OEM application. Acme is an industrial leader offering superior service, quality products and technical service.

Acme Transformers offer a broad base of  transformers ranging in size from 0 through 250 KVA. Acme offers low voltage and dry-type transformers using both copper and aluminum conductors. All Acme Transformers are designed and constructed to meet or exceed the standards established by UL, CSA CE, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE.

With Acme commitment to continued growth, cost reductions and process improvements, your assurance that we will meet or exceed your specifications can be guaranteed. Your transformer will be delivered on time, every time, and on budget. With this commitment, Acme has positioned itself to be the premiere supplier of quality products and to meet the demanding needs of today's market field.  We are always adapting to the changing market of tomorrow.

In 1997, Acme became certified in the Demand Flow Technology. With this technology, the time for manufacturing a transformer has been reduced to two to three days. This flexible process allows Acme the ability to provide standard or custom product with the responsiveness required from a manufacturer in today's just-in-time environment.

Acme Transformers are represented by TEMCo, who distributes high quality standard and custom transformers at wholesale prices.

TEMCo represents Acme Transformers with the highest confidence knowing that their customers will have the transformers they need designed with high professional standards, cost efficiency and fast turnaround time.  

Acme Transformers, with its state-of-art manufacturing, processes and global production capabilities also offers custom designed transformers. Our engineers want to be part of your power transformer design group. We will show you how you can optimize your transformer performance and reduce total cost. Our knowledgeable customer service personnel utilizes fully computerized processing systems for prompt, reliable service.

Acme can respond quickly and effectively to meet your needs with our experienced engineers and sales staff. We can assist you every step of the way from the factory to the field.


Worldwide Shipping worldwide shipping
We can ship transformers from our regional warehouses to speed up the shipping time frame. We also offer fast turnaround on custom built transformers, built to your needs.


Large Inventory Acme Transformers large Inventory
Because we both manufacture  transformers and carry all the brands, you can rely on us as your one-stop source for high quality transformers at wholesale prices. Because of this, we offer one of the largest inventories of transformers. What other companies have to custom build, we probably keep in stock. Call to order today!

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How to select an Acme Transformer


Dry-Type Distribution Transformers
Acme offers a wide selection of Dry-Type Transformers from single-phase to commercial grade three-phase and low-noise transformers.

Industrial Control Transformers
The Acme Industrial Control Transformers offer the most advanced and versatile design concepts available to the marketplace today. They are designed to meet Acme’s rigid standards for mechanical durability as well as surpass agency and industrial
electrical standards.

Low Voltage Lighting Transformers & Power Supplies
Acme’s Low Voltage Lighting products provide a safe, long lasting, highly reliable power source.  Acme has a perfect selection for landscape applications
as well as interior use.
Low voltage lighting is a creative medium with unlimited application

Non-Linear Load Isolation
Transformers are
available in sizes ranging from 30 through 225 KVA with copper windings and a variety of other design options and accessories. Acme harmonic mitigating transformers offer you reduced transformer heat, reduced voltage distortion due to third order harmonics and higher efficiency.

Panel-Tran Zone Power Centers
are a pre-wired combination
of a primary breaker disconnect, dry-type shielded transformer,
secondary breaker disconnect and a secondary power panel all in one convenient package. By not having to assemble, mount and wire these components, you save money, space and time. All you have to do is add the breakers, and you are ready to go.

Power Conditioning
Acme True-Power Products consist of specially designed ferroresonant
transformers. Although ferroresonant transformers have been an economical solution to power problems for many years, it took the skills of Acme’s highly regarded engineering
staff to refine it to meet today’s exacting requirements.

  Capacitor for Motor
TEMCo sells capacitors for all your motor needs.
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